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Why Do I Love Volleyball?

You may be wondering, "what makes her this addicted to volleyball?"

Okay, I want you to know me better so you can relate to my blog.

What I love most about the sport is the team spirit. I love that players place the team's common goal above personal interest. It's not about how strong you are, but how that strength helped your team achieve the common goal.

Because of this need to work flawlessly as a unit, you learn to communicate, make sacrifices, and be more responsible with your actions. Outside volleyball, aren't these the same important things that we need to learn to be able to co-exist harmoniously?

Call me a masochist but I also like the physical and mental demands of the sport. You need to work on your strength as well as your sharpness and concentration.

I'm sure that by now, you already get my point. Excuse me as I go and hit some balls.

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